Quick Starter

Quick Starter 3.1

Quick Starter is an application launcher and manager

Quick Starter is an application launcher and manager. It allows you to configure a list of applications that you use regularly and launch them all from a central location. When you add an application, you can assign it a hotkey. When Quick Starter is running and you press a predefined hotkey, said application will be launched. You can also add Internet bookmarks (IE's favorites), network locations, folders, and files on your hard drive, etc. The application has its own scheduler built-in, which you can use for a variety of things. You can shutdown the computer or simply leave yourself a message to be played later. It can also run applications or files.

The PlaceBar function allows you to change the left-side panel that you see on most Window Explorer windows and add your own files and applications. There is also an AutoRun feature that allows you to run certain applications when certain actions occur.

All in all, as an application launcher Quick Starter leaves quite a bit to be desired. It is a hassle to add every application to a list to then hit a hotkey to launch it. In my experience, the best application launchers are those that index your applications and allow you to type the first few letters of an application name to launch it. They are much more dynamic and they REALLY save you time.

José Fernández
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  • Quite a few extras


  • No indexing
  • You can't move the window
  • Ugly design
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